Cristy (sonourous) wrote in unwhispered,

007. in the name of love

There is a girl I know
With the prettiest eyes I've ever seen
And long red hair that goes down her back
Slender arms and legs
And a way with words that makes me
This will sound cliché
But I fell for her at first sight
The feeling coming into my stomach
Like I had a ball of fire there
That heated me up all the way to my cheeks.
Lucky for me, she loves me back.
The only problem is,
I'm a girl too.

I used to love God
More than I love her.
Yes, I loved Him
Even though he said that I was a sinner
Condemned to Hell
For loving another woman as I do.
You should hear the names that I get called:
Sinner, abomination,
Queer, butch, dyke—
They all start to run together and sound the same after a while.
People at my church don't say it outright
But I know they think my love is wrong,
A sin.
I wanted to know how God could send me to Hell
When he claimed to love me, to love everyone.
I asked, but no one gave me an answer that made sense.
So I broke away from the church,
The church that condemned me, shamed me, made me doubt
My faith in Him.

They say that I am wrong to love whom I do
So I exchanged one love for another.
I don't need a Father who will punish me
For a love like this.
No one can tell me who to love.

» Written for my Intro to World Religions: Western and Modern class. Both girls in the poem are fictional.
Tags: original work, type: poetry
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